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Well-dressed? Parisian Style is ...uniform

By Sedulia @Sedulia

A lot of what foreigners think of as Parisian stylishness looks a great deal like conformism. When I first moved here, I thought the other mothers at my children's school were wearing a uniform. They weren't, not exactly; but they did all have the same coat. All the children also wore the same coat. If anything was different about it, it stayed the same color: navy blue or black.

Last winter, all the students in my bourgeois neighborhood were wearing this doudoune, from the French company Moncler [pronounced mon clair]. It costs only three or four hundred euros....

Moncler jacket

This year, Moncler is selling the jackets at a deep discount. Why? Because this winter, the thing to have in Paris, which is having a remarkably warm winter by the way, is a Canada Goose, created, according to the company's website, for postwar bush pilots in the Arctic.

Screen shot 2012-01-11 at 19.20.30

But in black, of course.

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