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You Can't Watch That Video! Or, DRM Stupidity

By Sedulia @Sedulia

Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 22.33.35

Seriously? Once again, the video I want to watch is not available in my country. Which, when you are an expat, is actually a misnomer. 

I learned about the heinous Digital Rights Management blockage the hard way, buying movies in the USA I wanted to watch in France. (Obviously, this was back in the Stone Age.) After a long day, we sat down to watch the first much-anticipated movie. No matter what I tried, it wouldn't work. Cue sadness and frustration. Then fury. A friend who works in the TV business in LA explained that this is to prevent "abuse." What abuse? I bought it fair and square, I said. Yes, but you are supposed to buy it in France, he said. It isn't AVAILABLE in France, I said. Hard cases make bad law, he said. 

Do I care at all about Digital Rights Management? Nope. There are ways around 'most everything. Screw them.

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