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Welcome FireRecruit Members

Posted on the 24 July 2020 by Firecareers


Welcome members of, as of August 1, 2020 your membership is being taken over by

You will continue to receive uninterrupted service as your membership is ported over to the new system. A few things to know and understand during the transition.

Usernames and Passwords:

  • Your username and password will remain the same.

Term of Service:

  • In our agreement with we will honor the terms of your membership.  In the FireCareers system you will see the “Days until Renewal” badge on your dashboard telling you exactly how many days are left on your membership 

Membership Renewal:

  • Currently your membership with auto renews. Unfortunately you will need to take action and renew your membership for uninterrupted service.
  • You can access your membership profile and enter your billing information to renew your membership adding the additional days to the account and setting your membership rate (discount)


  • FireCareers current rates for service are: Monthly – $9.95, 6Month – $55.00, 1Year – $110.00
  • FireRecruits current rates for service are: Monthly – $8.99, 6Month – $46.99, 1Year – $79.99
  • We will honor the FireRecruit rates during the transition, simply use the following discount codes during renewal to get the same great rates you were receiving at FireRecruit.
  • When renewing Monthly memberships use “Promotional Code” FRMO82
  • When renewing 6Month memberships use “Promotional Code” FR6MO
  • When renewing 1Year memberships use “Promotional Code” FR1YR



  • In your FireRecruit system an email is set out with daily updates to the system for your review
  • In the FireCareers system you will be able to customize your notifications
  • Use the “Watch an Area” tool to set up where you are looking to get hired and what types of jobs you’re looking for
  • Use the “Notification Settings” tool to set up how you want to be notified of open positions in your Watched Area
    • you can receive notifications two ways from this tool via text message and/or email

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