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Welcome Back To Class - Manners 101

By Slvintage @SLVintage

WELCOME BACK TO CLASS - MANNERS 101It seems that these days, an invitation to dinner or a party always involves bringing a dish to contribute to the event's meal. "What can we bring?" has become an automatic response to the initial verbal or email invite.  To be perfectly honest, we've grown a bit tired of creating sometimes elaborate dishes for a gathering that isn't our own.  What happened to just a a bottle of wine for a host(ess) gift?
I'm not a consummate cook or event planner.  I like the idea of just attending a party as a guest to mingle with other guests and not have to worry about "oh, I have to heat up our dish, where are the serving spoons, wonder if they have an extra trivet, where is a good place to set up the food?!  And so on and so on...
WELCOME BACK TO CLASS - MANNERS 101Conversely, I'm not terribly fond of being the host who must  receive the requisite food items from our guests.  Our kitchen is small, we have only 1 of every appliance so a group of people who want to heat up and serve their dishes becomes an exercise in insanity.  We once had a friend who basically brought bags of ingredients and created his dish while making a mountain of a mess.  I felt quite frustrated that he could have done most of that at home. 
Do I sound like an ungrateful grump?  Emily Post was from a time of the hostess taking on more responsibility.  I agree that if you host, act like one and not a coordinator of a potluck dinner at a community center.
What do you think?

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