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By Philmonk

Hi and welcome to stuff4dadz, my name is Phil, I am a 40 something dad of 1.

I’ve been married to Jo for nearly 7 years and we have one child, an 19 month old daughter called Jessica.

We live and work in Oxfordshire.

I started this site to share my experiences of being a dad, what it’s like from my point of view.

I would really like to hear from other dads too, if you have a blog and would like to contribute an article please feel free to contact me. If you haven’t got a blog don’t worry you can still write something for the site.

As well as dad like experiences I am going to feature a bunch of other stuff that might by of interest. One thing I am passionate about is trying to keep fit. Luckily Jo is a personal trainer when she’s not busy being mum so I will bug her for as much health and fitness advice as I can and post it here for everyone.


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