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Healthspan MutliVitality Boost Review

By Philmonk

I was recently asked to review the MultiVitality Boost range of drinks from Healthspan.

These drinks contain a blend of multivitamins and are designed to give you a boost when you need to recharge your batteries.

As a busy day there are often times I feel pretty the need for a pick me up. Juggling family life and a busy job, late nights and early mornings can often leave me feeling pretty flat energywise.

For me mornings are the worst. I’m not a morning person at all (just ask my wife) for I decided to try taking these supplements from Healthspan in the morning. This made it easy for me as I take some additional supplements with breakfast.

I was sent two flavours to try, orange and mixed berry flavor. The supplements come individually packaged in foil sachets, you simply tear off the top and mix with water.

Healthspan MultiVitality Boost sachet

You only need a small amount of water with these. The sachets are not that big and I made the mistake of mixing with a full glass of water, making a rather weak drink. To be fair I should have read the back of the packet as it does say a small glass of water, but you know what us dads can be like, we don’t need instructions do we!!

I like my diluted drinks to be quite strong so at best you just need a tumbler sized glass of water to mix these drinks. I use just under half of that and found the taste to my liking. The ingredients a fast dissolving, a few seconds and they are ready to drink.

I’ve tried a number of these types of drinks when working out or before and after runs and some can taste quite horrible and nothing like the flavor they are supposed to be. I have to say these taste quite nice, especially the mixed berry flavor.

Each sachet contains the following ingredients:


B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, Biotin and Folic Acid


Magnesium and Zinc

Natural Supplement


According to Healthspan these provide the perfect blend of energy boosting nutrients. Vitamin B is used to deliver energy and provide immune system support. B12 in particular helps convert the food you eat into energy (that doesn’t mean it will undo the packet of crisps and chocolate bar you had for lunch though) As many of us know vitamin C plays an important part in normal immune system functionality as does magnesium.

I took these every morning for a few weeks and on the whole I felt they did give me a lift. As I mentioned above I’m not a morning person, the rush to get up and out of the house every morning takes it toll. I took each sachet with a small glass of water with breakfast and by the time I reached work I generally felt a lot more alert and not so tired and lethargic.

Of course they can’t undo a bad nights sleep, but if you need a boost then I would recommend giving them a go.

You could also try them mid afternoon, when that bad nights sleep might be kicking in, especially if like me, you have a little one who is waking up in the night and not wanting to go back to sleep for whatever reason. These Healthspan supplements are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans too.

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