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Weight Loss Wednesday || Week Two

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
This week for weightloss Wednesday I thought I would share with you what I have been eating.
As I said in my last post I am challenging myself to no naughty foods for 4 months and so far so good.
I am not one for major diets (starving myself) for one by not eating you are actually slowing down your metabolism so when you do start to eat normally again you actually put weight n quicker...not much point in that then is there?!! I just try to eat healthier and cut out the not so good foods.
Fistly a few good things that will help you loose weight-
Eating alkali food, cucumber, brocoli, spinach (green vegetables) and not acidic foods such as oranges, lemons as alkali food help to digest your food quicker and speed up your metabolism.
Also cutting down on carbohydrates, pasta and bread.
So to what I eat-
Breakfast; Porridge, or yoghurt and a banana
Lunch; Salad with tuna or salmon, or soup
Dinner; Fish (Salmon, Cod, Tuna) and Vegetables or Chicken and Vegetables
Snack; Special K cereal bars, Carrot and cucumber sticks or  greek yoghurt with apricot (muller greek yoghurt)
Thought I would include some healthy food pictures!Weight Loss Wednesday || Week twoYou can still join the group, just head over to barely there beauty and follow the instructions, all that is required of you is to post every wednesday. We have weekly chats on Thursday at 8pm on twitter using #bloggerswlw.
Laura x

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