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Weekly Round Up 14/02/14

By Mercedes Aspland @vegetarianyogi
Weekly Round Up 14/02/14
  • I guess I should start with a Valentines post for this week as it is today and it is kind of in the spirit. So I have chosen a post from a blog that I really enjoy reading and for a dessert that could just as easily be for any time of the year. Plus I have been looking for a good vegan cheesecake recipe that does not use soya cheese and I think this is it so check out these Raspberry and Lemon Cheese Cake Hearts from Bit of The Good Stuff.
  • I tried to adapt my truffles. I said about how I made them all wrong using cocoa nibs and they were a disaster. I mixed it all up a bit more with some extra agave and orange extract. They were improved but a bit weird tasting so I have been using it in my porridge in the mornings for a brilliant chocolate fix.
  • One of my favorite posts this week was from Oh, Ladycakes - it is a recipe post although that is not the main reason for enjoying, it is just a thought provoking post and a bit different from others that I read over the week.
Weekly Round Up 14/02/14
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake from Smitten Kitchen, ok this is not even slightly vegan but it looks amazing and is something I would love to adapt to be vegan. I only wish I had it in front of me now to have a slice.
  • I had some new cookbooks arrive and in particular Veg by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. I did not expect to like it as much but there are some really imaginative vegetable recipes and so many of them that it really got my inspiration flowing.
  • I also received some new lights arrive for my photography so I can play around a bit more and try and get some lovely shots like the ones in the email from all the amazing food blogs out there.
  • One of the things I was really dreading giving up becoming vegan was Halloumi cheese so I tried soaking a small amount of Vegusto vegan cheese in salt and hot water and then frying it. I was delighted that it was completely delicious and perfect as a halloumi replacement.
Weekly Round Up 14/02/14
  • This lovely Garlic and Rosemary Pizza from One Ingredient Chef looks really amazing, not sure how I will go making pizza dough but it will be good to try.
  • I have been getting active on social networks this week, in particular I have started using Pinterest. It is becoming a bit addictive though and just want to keep adding things to it. Plus I got an excellent mention from Finding Vegan on Twitter, head on over and check out my profile.
Weekly Round Up 14/02/14
  • It looks like the long awaited books from My Darling Lemon Thyme are almost here, not sure we will get them in the UK but I can't wait and ma sure they will be amazing.
  • Even though I hate it I might as well finish with a Valentine's post so check out these 25 Valentines Breakfasts and Desserts from Vegan Richa, and remember they do not just have to be for valentine's day!
Weekly Round Up 14/02/14 Weekly Round Up 14/02/14 Weekly Round Up 14/02/14 Weekly Round Up 14/02/14 Weekly Round Up 14/02/14 Weekly Round Up 14/02/14 Weekly Round Up 14/02/14 Weekly Round Up 14/02/14

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