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Weekly Food Diary | Trois Mec & Loquats

By Goodbadandfab @goodbadandfab
Weekly Food Diary | Trois Mec & Loquats I'm very excited to start and to share a weekly food diary because as a blogger I've come to embrace the business of oversharing and because aside from my passion for fashion, I've always lusted after good food. Bon Apetit!
{Monday} 2pm: I have a bowl of Raisin Bran (the Trader Joe version is less sugary) with frozen berries and milk. I usually skip breakfast as I'm never hungry until noon or later. Today's lunch was uncharacteristically late because I was still stuffed from the chili cheese fries from the night before. 4pm: Black iced tea at Starbucks and a Harry Hamlin sighting.  7pm: A pizza salad and side of meatballs from Midici Pizza Co in Sherman Oaks. The restaurant is a new fav as it's basically 800 Degrees but with organic ingredients, a doughier crust, and an expanded menu that includes nutella calzone, truffle cheese bread, and burrata three ways. The pizza salad was pizza dough topped off with fresh greens, parmesan, and pine nuts. So satisfying!
Weekly Food Diary | Trois Mec & Loquats 10pm: Six loquats freshly picked from my parents' backyard. The seasonal low calorie fruit is a mainstay in Asian countries and provides a good source of fiber and Vitamin A.

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