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Weekend: What Do You Want For Madalynne Studios?

By Mmadalynne @mmadalynne

photo 5 Weekend: What Do You Want For Madalynne Studios?

Thank you to everyone who shared their excitement on last week’s introduction to Madalynne Studios. I’m stocked too! I’ve slowly moved in before and after work this week (photo above shows an in progress shot; I’m going for a mid-century modern look) and once everything is together, I will give you a formal tour. Bekuh and I are collaborating this Sunday for our first shoot in the space. No time to waste getting started!

A few friends and readers emailed me expressing their interest in hosting workshops and sewing lessons at the studio. Great idea! I originally planned the studio to be used mostly for photography, but there’s been such interest in other possibilities. Out-of-towners even said they would travel if a bra making or other type of 2-day session was held. The ideas of what I can do in this space have been flooding in all week. I envision Blogshop but for sewing, and I see both myself and other notable sewers/indie pattern makers coming to the studio to teach. Sara, an amazing Philly events coordinator, and I have a date in early June to discuss logistics.

But before I commit, I would like to have a gauge of attendance. I also want to open up the discussion to workshop topics. So, in the comments below or via email, let me know if you’d be willing to join and what you want to learn. I’m all ears!

Nothing is set in stone yet, but I’m hoping exciting times are ahead.

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