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Weekend: Welcome to Madalynne Studios

By Mmadalynne @mmadalynne

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As much as I love sewing, photography takes up 50% of my passion. I fell into photography by chance; about two years ago, I bought a micro-four thirds camera so that I could document the clothes I made. Two years later, and when I start a project, I think about the photo shoot as much as I do fabric choice, trims, interfacing etc. But the hardest part about photographing is finding a good location; decent light and an interesting background are not easy to come by. Plus, who hates standing in the middle of the street with passerby’s staring at you while you take photos of yourself? Yep, been there, done that and don’t want to do it again. This winter, I’ve took almost all my images at The Loom, a warehouse space for artists. They have been fantastic and very accommodating, allowing me to use several vacant rooms at short notice. During the last shoot, I asked if they had any studios available. Well, they did; welcome to Madalynne studios, y’all! Rich people have weekend home in the Hamptons, I have a 350 ft square space with massive white walls and incredible lighting. I’ll take that over a mortgage payment any day.

I intend for this space to be used for photographing, but I’m thinking bigger as well. Madalynne Studios a place to hold private sewing lessons and/or workshops? My mind has been spinning with ideas all week. First on the docket is to get a couch because I have a feeling there will be a shit ton of long nights spent here.

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