Weekend Special: Restaurants Banning Photos?

Posted on the 05 September 2011 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

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  Is this too good to eat??   IF ONLY I’ve read local reports lately that Melbourne restaurants are starting to ban diners from taking photos of meals. I will presume that this is happening elsewhere as well. The argument is that we as consumers might be half-eating our meals before taking the photos and wrongly portraying the meal. Come on. I know there’s this holier-than-thou foodie underbelly that thinks that they’re all superstars. We’re probably all to blame to an extent because we keep watching Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules. Don’t get me wrong, I love the work that Chefs do, I love food as much as the next person. But we’re there to eat your food not sit back and marvel at it. I know the type of restaurants that are taking this action and they may be on top of their game at the moment but I say to them ‘do not underestimate your position, consumers now have the power and you are only as good as we want you to be’. We like to share our experiences, and with the emergence of smartphones coupled with the popularity of social media, it is now easier to do so than ever before. Ignore the opportunity at your peril. The report from the Herald-Sun I mentioned above, quoted the General Manager of Melbourne Restaurant The Stokehouse, “It’s out there for people to see. If you don’t want people to see what you’re doing, close your doors”, said Anthony Musarra. Well done to you Anthony… If you want to go to a Melbourne restaurant and share your experience with your friends I encourage you to book into The Stokehouse. This is not a plug for a client, it is merely a plug for a good business, which in this case understands that one should fully appreciate who needs who.   INFOGRAPHIC OF THE WEEK We all want our content shared, whether you’re a marketer, blogger or small business. This social sharing infographic from gives us an idea of the sheer scale of the phenomenon including what time is best to maximise your content being shared…Do you know when it is? I was surprised, i’m busy at that stage. HANDY LINKS/TOOLS Not so much of a tool but a website providing a great service for small business. DocStoc is a resource for small business and professionals providing more than 20 million professional documents. Articles, business plans, policy documents and so much more. A POST WORTH READING ’7 Ways for Marketers to Maximise Google+ Now’- via Marketing Profs ’5 Ways to Improve Your Local [search] Listing’ – via Search Engine People ‘How to Use LinkedIn to Improve Organic Visibility” - via Search Engine Land   DID YOU KNOW …That Apple are looking at releasing a new charging technology for iPhone 6?  Perhaps it might have something to do with utilising the energy generated when we walk…There’s been talk for a couple of years that this could be a chance, the only...

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