Weekend Special – Poor Insurance Companies?

Posted on the 05 September 2011 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

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OK, so this weekend post is a little late but if you’re easily winding up to your Monday morning then have a read…Hopefully there’s a few links that will be of some help. I’ve titled this one after the poor insurance companies (You can feel their pain right?). You will see the tie in at the end of the post. IF ONLY This will be the last time I bring up property..But doesn’t everyone else feel a sense of 1985 when they read through the real estate listings in the local paper?? This still feels like the first port of call when you want to browse local property, and when you do check them out you see one or two pictures trying to sell a $750,000 house. Let me say that I have never been a vendor so I have no idea of the process but I wonder how much real estate agencies are charging per sale for marketing. If I were a vendor I would like to know that the money is being spent wisely. What else can they do….Here’s three quick ideas at least: Print a QR Code in print advertising that at least gives us a chance to check out an online video/virtual tour of the property If we’re consistently looking through property listings then why not start a Twitter feed so we have access to some listings whenever we want to (Include links to pics and videos) What about an email newsletter being distributed once a week – I think you would get quite a few subscribers. The subscriber can choose what locations they are interested in and have the relevant listings dropped into their inbox. This way you can provide links to multimedia such as online video/virtual tours. SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE Clickz – Marketing news delivered to your inbox. Choose the specific topic you want to follow – Email, Analytics, Marketing, Media, Mobile, Search or Social. HANDY LINKS/TOOLS Tweet Reach – If you’ve made it onto Twitter already then you’ll love the fact that your tweets might get shared and shared again..But how many times? Well check out Tweet Reach and it can tell you how far that Tweet has gone.. A POST WORTH READING ’10 Tips for a Good Facebook Profile picture’ – via Smart Company ‘Why Google+ is Good for SEO’ – via Social Media Today ’8 Top Online Backup Services for Small Business’ – via American Express Open Forum DID YOU KNOW ..That the Insurance industry is paying the most for its Google Adwords campaigns? (insert audible sigh) Poor insurance companies. Seriously ‘insurance’ is the most expensive keyword. Click here for a list of the 20 most expensive Google Adwords keywords.   Given this one was late I hope you had a great weekend and have something planned already for next…I promise this will definitely be the last post when I lend a helping and sympathetic hand (albeit a sarcastic one) to real estate agencies and the insurance industry.    

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