Weekend Special – Marketing the Carbon Tax?

Posted on the 05 September 2011 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

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This first Weekend Special is in part a tribute to the tradies out there that put off work around the home and to the chef who still gets his/her partner to prepare the family meal. Advising small business clients on the power of blogging is something that I do daily. In these conversations there’s often a response ‘But how often should I blog?’ at which I respond, ‘well it’s best to have a regular anchor blog perhaps once a week’. But surprise, surprise I haven’t been able to do that myself. So here it is, what hopefully is the start of a regular Weekend Special. IF ONLY You get just that little bit crankier when you reach your 30s I think…It’s sad but I see advertising/promotional campaigns now and find myself going ‘why didn’t they just do this’ a lot, like it’s any of my business. Anyway, for good or bad I feel like sharing my occasional grumps. It has been a week almost since the Australian Government announced its policy regarding the introduction of a Carbon Tax. It’s massive news here in Australia and the government has a tough job selling it to the voters, there’s a lot of cynics out there (not me!). The government and the Prime Minister is touring the country doing what it/she can do to balance the conversation in the traditional media space, but they are lacking the initiative to counter the arguments in the online space. Here’s why: Google ‘Carbon Tax’ and you get three Adwords advertisements – None of them from the Government There is a  Climate Change Action website set up to promote the policy but this is linked to the Labor Party’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. A great opportunity is being missed here to setup separate profiles to encourage more conversation and greater uptake. Neither Labor Facebook or Twitter account has surpassed 10,000 people yet from a country of 22 million. I have not once seen a Facebook advertisement explaining the policy SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE So i’m going to include one blog, website or service that you should check out and maybe even subscribe. This week it is: MarketingProfs – Get to the Point Newsletters. Really useful bite-sized newsletters dropped into your inbox every day but of course you can choose which topics you want to follow and this will dictate whether the emails are every day. Choose any or all of the following – Small Business, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, B2B Marketing and Social Media. HANDY LINKS/TOOLS I spend some serious time on Twitter and there are so many new and useful tools shared each and every day it’s not funny. So each week, i’m going to put forward one that I think is definitely worth checking out if you’re a small business. PageModo – A site to help you design professional Facebook pages from a host of templates. For a small business operator without iFrames knowledge, this is seriously easy to use. The service comes with a free...

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