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Posted on the 05 September 2011 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

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  I feel like a stalker now…But still no-one is complaining about this poor girl who has featured in now the sixth week in a row. I think I need a new image. But the beach makes me happy. UWW752TC2JZX   IF ONLY Ok, this one is going to be short, nothing really stood out this week but here it goes. Free Wi-Fi is not hard to set-up and it is not a massive cost. Yet it’s amazing how few shopping centres, shopping strips, markets, etc have actually provided the service for their customers. Customer service, is after all the key point of difference between the traditional bricks and mortar business and its new online cousin isn’t it? I actually heard one really enthusiastic reason from a retailer this week, why you shouldn’t provide Wi-Fi and it went something like this ‘No because then they’ll sit in my cafe for an hour on their computer and buy just one coffee. ‘ Well, you know what, that customer if they had the laptop in arm, probably would not have walked in to your cafe anyway. A $3.50 coffee x 3 times a week x 40 weeks of the year = One really happy customer that gave you $420 worth of business that they wouldn’t have previously. And with that laptop in arm, they have told their entire network of Twitter followers, Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections that your business is great. So here is my (extended) argument why it is worth looking into providing Free Wi-Fi for your customers: (Not necessarily just cafes but retail precincts) It will encourage more visitors, they will stay longer and it will encourage them to come back It will set yourself apart from your competitors in a pretty tough environment You can have users of your Wi-Fi directed through your website or Facebook page, which you should know by know is powerful enough as it is if it means they ‘Like’ you at that moment With the customer going through your designated landing page, then you can encourage Foursquare check-ins, newsletter subscriptions and more in addition to the standard Facebook and Twitter Online users are very appreciative of Free Wi-Fi and they let people know about it. Once users start leaving positive comments on Google Places and other third-party listings, then your search engine performance improves. In light of these points and my own appreciation for Free Wi-Fi, I would like to give our friends at the @prestonmarket a plug. They have recently set Free Wi-Fi up and are directing users straight to Preston Market Facebook page. INFOGRAPHIC OF THE WEEK This one has done the rounds this week but in case you didn’t see it, please check it out. It gives you a picture of some of the impressive social media numbers across a variety of campaigns. ‘Social Media Marketing by The Numbers” published by Mashable. HANDY LINKS/TOOLS There are a whole heap of Twitter tools out there of varying use, here’s one that I’ve just...

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