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Posted on the 05 September 2011 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

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IF ONLY My partner and I have been looking into the property market in Melbourne recently and it has led me to realize the lack of Facebook use with Real Estate. Particularly big developers when it would be so easy and so beneficial for them. Here’s how our experiences have gone so far..My partner goes to a landing page or even a whole website for the particular land release and/or development. She registers her interest only to be receiving call after call with the whole sales pitch. Why wouldn’t you setup a specific Facebook page? You could optimise it with a landing page and a couple of other customised pages. Then even run an advertising campaign, the spend would be a drop in the ocean compared to the rest of the mass media budget. Here’s the first 5 reasons why that come to mind: You get to build a database of registered people to communicate updates in a way we would like to receive them You will give the people an opportunity to ask questions without having to call up and get the sales pitch By using Facebook it’s a great way for the development to gain extra exposure amongst the many networks of friends The advertising is going to be a very valuable tool, especially if you target friends of existing ‘Likes’ You can include online videos, ebooks and other media-rich content SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE SmartCompany – You will get an email in your inbox once a day with a whole lot of relevant business information from business news, trends, strategies, selling strategies, tax, technology watch and so much more. It is primarily targeted at Australian topics, however much of it has a global relevance. HANDY LINKS/TOOLS Design Crowd – A site where you can post your graphic design job to freelance designers all over the world. Simply post the job including requirements and deadline, wait for 25 – 100+ designs to come in, select the best and pay for it. It’s cheap and you don’t pay until you’re satisfied with one of the submissions. A POST WORTH READING ‘Are You Loyal To Your Customers?’ – via The Smart Business Networker ‘Three Views on B2B and Social Media in 2011′ – via Social Media Today ’33 Things You Can Do To Grow Your Business Today’ – via Search Engine Journal DID YOU KNOW ..Ahead of Google announcing it is launching a credit card for Adwords, I read that Apple has access to more than 200 million credit cards via iTunes (Scary stuff!)..full story.     Have a great weekend and savour it…It doesn’t last nearly long enough  

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