Weekend Special : A Little Bite of Steve Jobs

Posted on the 05 September 2011 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

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  Does anybody know what that phone is she is using?? It’s not a smartphone I don’t think. Perhaps she’s just texting.   IF ONLY Given I’ve titled this post after outgoing Apple Chief Steve Jobs I was going to make this little bit about what could have been, should Steve Jobs not been pushed in 1985, should he not returned, and should Apple have made their technology open-source, i.e. Google’s Android. They’re big questions with no answers from me so I’ll leave it alone. What I will say this week is give a bit of a tick to one of our biggest shopping center groups. Westfield Shopping Centre’s have just recently announced a partnership with Facebook to offer deals via Facebook Places. What a great initiative from an industry that has been typically slow to adopt social media and mobile. I should mention that in general the traditional shopping strips are probably even further behind (apart from a few here and there). Here is a list of things that all shopping centres should be active in: Next week I am going to tee-off on a local Melbourne restaurant that has banned photos of their food… INFOGRAPHIC OF THE WEEK You have to respect the work that Steve Jobs has done for Apple and his hands-on influence can be illustrated by this infographic. It’s certainly not the prettiest I’ve seen but really interesting to know how much design influence he had over some of our key technologies Steve Job’s 313 Apple Patents. HANDY LINKS/TOOLS Again..There are a whole heap of Twitter and general Social Media monitoring tools out there of varying use. But here’s one I have confirmed to be worth a look. Sprout Social is seriously good, it’s not quite Hootsuite but it’s handy. Find people that you should follow on Twitter, schedule messages and customise your own reports. A POST WORTH READING ‘Bing Gives a List of 18 SEO Fundamentals’ - via Search Engine Journal ‘How to Transform your B2B Website into a Customer Magnet’ – via American Express Open Forum ‘How Google+ will succeed and why you will use it whether you want to or not” - TNW The Next Web   DID YOU KNOW …Steve Jobs is more than just what he has done in the last few years for Apple? Here’s a very brief snapshot of a very special career. After being one of the co-founders of Apple Computers in the late 1970′s, Steve Jobs was subsequently pushed out of the company in 1985. He then founded NeXT Computers which went into software with the release of NeXTSTEP/Intel. Shortly after, Jobs bought out a company which would be renamed later Pixar (Think Toy Story and Finding Nemo). In 2006 Walt Disney bought Pixar, which made Steve Jobs at the time the single biggest individual shareholder of Walt Disney with 7%. Take a steb back to 1996 when Apple agreed to buy NeXT for $429 Million. This is where he made his biggest impact in returning...

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