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Weekend Recap for 11/9-11/13, Part 3 {Chicago}

By Hpranitis @_thisandthat_
What I did in the 'burbs...
I woke early Saturday morning to Ms. Lily getting ready for her day and playing.  We all ate breakfast together while watching cartoons and playing with Playdoh.  I think the adults were a "tad" bit more interested in the Playdoh than Lily however, she did like telling each of us what she wanted us to make for her.  It was a lot of fun as usual!  We decided to head to historic Long Grove for some shopping and of course go to the Apple Haus...pumpkin and apple donuts, apple cider for Bill.  The pumpkin donuts were delicious and I would know because I ate 2!  Yes, I really did.  We stopped for  lunch for Brenna, Bill and Lily however I just had a snack because I was meeting yet another friend.  And let's just say that kids get to eat the cutest foot.  I left Long Grove to meet another highschool pal and very good friend, Dana for lunch.  I can't forget to share with you the funny book that I found about texting acronyms.  No, I didn't buy it but I did page through it.  Sometimes we all just need to pick up the phone and dial rather than texting away.  Yes, we really do.  At times I feel like texting takes longer than the actual phone call itself.  Hmmm...  I'm right you know. 
We met at one my favorite places....Portillo's.  Who doesn't go to there favorite eatery when they come home for a visit?  We all do it.  I had a fun visit with Dana and got caught up.  However, I do see what's going on in her life on Facebook and have the occassional "chit-chat" via the internet.  But, there is nothing like the up close and personal girlfriend chat's that you can have in-person, right?  Right.  Anyhow, I gave her the skinny on what's new and exciting in my life and gave her all of the details.  It's too bad Dana and Brenna (friend who I am staying with) live so far away! 
After lunch I headed to Starbucks for a treat for Brenna and I.  This was Round #2 of Starbucks for the day - her hubby and my good friend, Bill, brought us Starbucks in the morning.  We hung out and visited until it was time to eat dinner and get ready for the concert.  We were heading to Vyper Alley in Lincolnshire to see Rusted Root.  It was a first time for the venue and to hear the band.  It was a great evening!  My lasagna from Vince's tasted absolutely fabulous however, it aggervated the stomach problem from Friday (slightly) and I should have known better with the acidity in the sauce.  Oh well, you live and learn.  The concert of course started late but it a lot of fun! Weekend Recap for 11/9-11/13, Part 3 {Chicago}There were so many people on the floor in front of the stage that it was actually bowing from the bouncing/dancing of all the people.  This was not a place where I was standing however, I noticed at the end of the night for the last song -- there most popular from the Ice Age cartoon/movie.  In my opinion Rusted Root has an edgy vibe with a lot of rythum and I loved it.  Thanks to Brenna and Bill for introducing me to more music!  Oh, and I musn't forget the Brenna spilled a full glass of red wine on my brown leather biggie because it blended in quite nicely with the boot...I was a tad bit tempted to allow her to do the other one as well.  We had a bit of humor in our evening as well.  And you can actually bowl at Vyper Alley - pretty cool, huh?  Normally you just can't randomly go bowling at a bar.  But, here you can.  This give us an idea for tomorrow morning... Weekend Recap for 11/9-11/13, Part 3 {Chicago}
We obviously stayed out late for that and slept in "slightly" the next morning.  When there is a 2-year old in the house you need to up and ready when they are ready.  And of course Ms. Lily is all smiles and giggles and that makes it fun!  It really seriously does.  Oh, and let's not forget more Playdoh!  Breakfast and Playdoh play time is absolutely perfect.  The adults had a discussion about a Playdoh play center for Christmas...hmmm, for us or Lily?  Too funny,  right?  For Lily of course but, we would have to show her "how" to use it, right...?!  Exactly.  It's a "win-win" for all parties involved!  Yay!  I'll be looking forward to my next trip "after" Christmas.  I bet your laughing right now reading adults we all need to have a bit of fun too!  Since we were up early everyone got up and got ready and we went bowling!  This was Lily's very first experience bowling.  And it was quite fun for all of us.  And guess who won?  Yep, Ms. Lily.  She kicked of all our butts.  Well, I actually would have won if Lily wouldn't have stepped on the foul line when she was helping me during my turn...yes, I was quite bummed!  But, it's all in good fun and she didn't really know.  But the adults and the child had fun!  Oh, and they had super cute little shoes just for Lily too.  I couldn't resist the picture of all of our feet in bowling shoes!  A fun experience as always.  There is nothing like seeing life through the eyes of a 2 year old.
Weekend Recap for 11/9-11/13, Part 3 {Chicago}After bowling Brenna and I spent a few hours of girlie time before she took me to the airport.  W ran a few errands.  We went to an uber fabulous yarn store.  I was in heaven!  Bought two beautiful types of yarn...and I need to knit my two items and then go buy more on my next return to the Windy City (do you notice a trend here...?)  I do.  Coming back home is sooo much fun!  Anyhow, we made a stop at Joanne's for mustard colored yarn and a big huge luck on either.  For whatever reason the mustard yarn is really hard to come by...well, I am looking for a specific shade and thickness/texture.  I'll find it one day.  I hope.
Weekend Recap for 11/9-11/13, Part 3 {Chicago}My time in the Windy City was sadly coming to an end and Brenna drove me to the airport.  I always have so much fun with my friends and the family that I see.  But, it's a real treat coming back and spending time with all the wonderful people that are in my life.  All of you are wonderful and truly amazing people!  And of course I'll be back soon...  I waited in a huge security line at the airport...45 minutes to be exact, thank goodness I was in the Preferred line!  Fun times at ORD.  See you soon Chicago!  Oh, and I did manage to see the last few remaining color beautiful!  Soon all the leaves will be dead and on the ground - and you know what's coming next...SNOW!!!!  Oh yes!  So much fun!  Snow angels.  Snowmen.  Sledding.  Snow ball fights.  Fort building.  Can you tell I miss the snow?  Oh boy, I seriously do.
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Weekend Recap for 11/9-11/13, Part 3 {Chicago}

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