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Weekend Reading: Relationship Saboteurs

By Kristin Davin @kristindavin

Unhappy couple in bed after fight not talking retro style

Some hard truths this week—but also hope.

The Sexless Marriage: What Happens When Passion Fades? (By MEETMINDFUL; The Good Men Project) A life without intimacy is not inevitable—you can find passion again.

11 Be-All-End-All Marriage Mistakes that Lead to Divorce (By Brittany Wong; The Huffington Post) Spot-on insights and advice from divorce experts.

Are You an Overly Defensive Dater? (By David Singleton; on Yahoo) Learn the signs—and how to break the habits that could be sabotaging your chance at love.

8 Reasons Why You Keep Getting Dumped (By Todd Mayfield; Fearless Men) What not to do in a relationship – for both men and women.

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