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Weekend Reading: Happy Mother’s Day!

By Kristin Davin @kristindavin


11 Things Daughters of Strong Women Know (By Jessica Samakow; Huffington Post)
#6: “A relationship is not the main indicator of your happiness.” Yes!

I Finally See You, Mom (By Jessica Dimas; Pig & Dac via Huffington Post) A beautiful essay—grab the tissues!

Men and Their Mommies (By Jackie Pilossoph; Divorced Girl Post) How men can have a healthy relationship with their mother!

4 Ways a Mother-Son Relationship Can Affect Your Marriage (By Alisha Cornett: Your Tango) And more important: How to not let it!

Why and How We Celebrate Mother’s Day (WQAD, Channel 8 News) Interesting facts!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!!!


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