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Weekend: My New Life with (Two) Cats

By Mmadalynne @mmadalynne

I adopted not one, but two kittens. Meet Basil and Sage.

Basil and Sage were rescued from the Philly streets around Thanksgiving. Gosh, that sounds like the beginning of a sad, sappy novel! I found them through a local organization, City Kitties, that I had been following on Facebook. They described Basil as the more chill kitty of the two, so I originally inquired about him. When I visited their foster home, his brother, Sage, was a rambunctious little rascal. I changed my mind and submitted the adoption papers for him. When I visited their foster home a second time, I could see they had grown close. I didnt want to separate them, but I also didn’t want to be labeled as a cat lady. Cost was something to consider too. With peer pressure from a few friends, I caved and brought both home. Best decision! They’re compandres, two of a kind. They chase after one another, sleep next to each other and even call for one another. Too cute.

My life hasn’t changed much. This wasn’t a life altering moment. Rather, these two fellas enhanced my life. They’re goofy and inquisitive. They think my closet is the coolest maze. They’re favorite toy, a small, plastic ball that jingles, annoys the hell out of me, but makes me laugh when I see them chase it. They’ve scratched my couch a few times, and I put them in their place by using a blow horn to scare the be Jesus out of them. Thanks Lauren for the tip. I showed them who’s boss. They’re not into my sewing supplies, which is a blessing, but they are into my shower. I thought cats didn’t like water? And the photo ops are endless! I won’t become that girl who starts an Instagram account for her pets.

Stay tuned next week for the results of the Best Sewing Blogs 2015!



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