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Weekend: Mishka Update

By Mmadalynne @mmadalynne

weekend 10 17 Weekend: Mishka Update

As Mishka recovers from cancer, I’ve been making it a point to call her more often. She still sews everyday, from 9 in the morning to about noon, but other than that, her schedule is clear. During those times when she’s at home, mostly watching TCM – it’s the only channel she’ll allow, I update her on the going ons and happenings in my life (she was cheering me along while I was making my coat). When I get off the phone with her, I can’t help but be inspired by her enthusiasm despite her sickness and appreciate of my life. “My hair is growing back! It’s about an 1/8″ she says, in which I respond, “I’m sure you look just a good bald as you do with hair.” Side note – only a seamstress would use the measurement 1/8″. Amirite? One of the most deadly diseases is attacking her body, and she’s has nothing but upbeat things to say. No oh-woe-is-me kind of attitude; she’s all joie-de-vivre. We’ve all got things going on in our life – work issues, relationship quandaries and family predicaments, but we’re not in as big of a pickle as being sicken by cancer or heart disease or luekemia or ebola. I’ve been going at life with the appreciation Mishka display – that despite what I don’t have, I have a lot more. A great career, a loving family and an amazing community of sewers who are my biggest cheerleaders and keep me going when I don’t feel like going any more (I’m rooting for you too!). So, I hope you go into this weekend and the rest of your days with this same “tude.” Happy weekend, happy days, happy sewing!

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