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Weekend Lunch at Flechazo

Posted on the 24 March 2017 by Cheekymeeky

F lechazo is a Spanish word. According to Google Translate, it means love. It can also mean revelation or love at first sight.

Whichever meaning you choose to take, it would be an apt description for our dining experience at Flechazo last weekend.

Flechazo is advertised as a Mediterrasian restaurant delivering the best of both worlds. It's located on Outer Ring Road close to a number of IT tech parks and consequently is the destination of choice for corporate team gatherings.

This part of Bangalore tends to be a little deserted on weekends, so I was extremely surprised to see that the place was packed full on a Sunday afternoon when we walked in for a late lunch (almost 2:30) after our Holi celebrations.

A sure sign of success indeed!

Anyway, since we had an invite for a food tasting, we waltzed past the queue of hungry diners to our table (with a rather apologetic look at them), and settled in at our table, and ordered a couple of drinks to start.

I've tasted better Margaritas, but the Mai Tai is to die for. Just the perfect combination of rum, liqueur, and juice.

The real star of the show when it comes to drinks though was the drink called A Juicy Scandal. It is a combination of white rum and paan syrup, and it didn't sound appetizing when the waiter described it to us. But when we tried it, boy oh boy! Amazing. If you like to drink rum-based drinks, I highly recommend you try the Mai Tai and A Juicy Scandal.

Now onto the food.

Flechazo is primarily a buffet restaurant. You can go around the various food counters and choose what you like, and you are utterly spoilt for choice in the variety of food available to try.

You can go to the food shots counter for small sushi plates, to helpings of chaat (yes, take that Mediterrasian description with a pinch of salt, this restaurant also serves a variety of Indian foods as well).

If you are feeling in the mood for Italian, you can go to the live counters where they make pizzas and pastas for you.

The pizzas were excellent, with a slight twist on the non-vegetarian pizza. They asked us whether we'd like prawns on top of it. This ws something quite unusual to us, but K jumped at the chance to try some prawns, and he was very satisfied with the dish.

You can even make a pizza yourself if you feel like it. I definitely felt like it and had a go at rolling the dough (very similar to making a chappathi dough). I added the toppings, and cheese, and thrust it into the oven, feeling very like a pro at it.

The pizza came out delicious 🙂 .

By now, we were too stuffed to do anything more than a cursory sampling of the main course buffet.

The main course is good, but I'd suggest saving the space for the delicious pizzas, pastas, and sushi instead. This is one of those restaurant where the main course is more of an afterthought.

And of course, you always have to make room for the dessert!

We also tried the "nitro" ice creams (liquid nitrogen filled ice creams with different flavors like paan, chocolate, coconut), and while they look impressive, I preferred the macarons, and the jalebis.

Overall, this is a great place to go if you are looking for a family-style restaurant. It's very child-friendly, and the pizza making would definitely be a hit with the kids. It's also a great value for money place for large gatherings, and hungry diners.

If you are a couple looking for a quiet, cosy place to eat, this is not the place for you. We though enjoyed our loud, boisterous, and fun lunch there. Highly recommend!

For rates, check out the Zomato listing. You will be pleasantly surprised, I guarantee!

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