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Weekend: Losing a Sewing Friend

By Mmadalynne @mmadalynne

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so this week was1 Weekend: Losing a Sewing Friend

was about finding happiness after something bad happens. Someone somewhat close to me, someone in the sewing world, died suddenly last week (sorry for the redundancy). To respect her privacy, I won’t say her name, and I’ll only reflect on what a wonderful woman she was. And no, the now-deceased is not Mishka.

When I was just starting out in my sewing career, she recognized my passion and allowed me to work after hours so that I could learn and grow as a seamstress. As of a week ago, we talked more than once a week, and our conversations were always thrilling – slashing and opening, armhole depth, balance, etc. It was two weeks ago that I last spoke to her and now she’s not here. That gets to me. It makes me realize that life is transient and not permanent. I had this same feeling after my mom died, and it lit a fire inside me to not waste time and make my life matter. All of us won’t be here forever, so we need to make ever moment count. For the four years I knew this women, she made me feel like I mattered and she made every moment of our time count. I will miss her dearly.

I got the news around the same time a snowstorm hit. A lot of people struggle with the snow and the cold, but as I was driving the morning after, I passed by a graveyard and couldn’t help but think how beautiful it was. I drove in… the snow was fresh, and the sun was shining. Even though it was a solemn, and on that particular morning, a white place to be, color was blooming all around.

So as the heart of winter approaches, instead of struggling with the bleak days, I’m going to try make every day worthwhile.

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