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Weekend Looks: Fall To Winter

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Chicago Weekend Look

Honestly, I have nothing to write about. I haven't felt like typing in 2021 much so far. I have unopened text messages and don't even get me started on emails. Let's hope second week of 2021 is more productive than this. 

In other news, I woke up early this Sunday morning and while grabbing some water to drink, I caught this beautiful sunrise from the window. And then never went back to bed. Oddly got inspired to publish this post which has been in the drafts for the whole week. Hence, the break in un-productivity (is that even a word?). 

I hope to carry this sunny brightness into the next week, because god-knows I need it. 

Look One
Weekend Winter Looks
 Sweater | Jeans | Shoes
Look Two
Weekend Winter Looks
 Trench Coat | Top | Jeans | Shoes 
Look Three
Weekend Winter Looks
Sweatshirt | Joggers | Shoes
Look Four
Weekend Winter Looks
 Sweatshirt | Joggers | Shoes
Look Five
Weekend Winter Looks
Coat | Leggings | Shoes 
That's all from me!

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