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so this week was1 Weekend

was about cleansing and purging. I got home from work last Thursday night and wanted to clean. One shoe was off and dinner was still on the stove when I was hanging up my jacket and thought, “what a mess! I must clean. Right now.” Out came the vacuum, paper towels, and Swiffer duster. I pulled out my clothes from my closet, boxing up what I hadn’t worn in over a year.  If I hadn’t worn over the past twelve months, I probably wouldn’t wear it for another year (I’m sure all of you, just like me,  hang onto clothes way longer than you should). When I was cleaning, I also came across some old notebooks that I had from high school, college, and after. Gosh, when flipping through old things, nostalgia kicks me right in the tush. Quick sketches of dresses, jackets, and pants I planned on making. Swatches I clipped while fabric shopping. People’s business cards. And you remember the moment that you made each page – where you were,  who your friends were at the time, what you’re mindset was, etc. I pulling into a 7-eleven parking lot and quickly sketching a dress that I just thought of. I have good times now but those times were definitely the good ole times. After all these emotions, then you think, why don’t I do that anymore?

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