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"Weeding" My Desk

By Somanycolors
I really enjoy the creative process of fabric dyeing. I don't mind housekeeping, laundry, or working on the computer. I do, however, love gardening. Love doesn't really express it. For me, it's one of those activities that puts me in the zone.
On any rainless day with temps of over 50F I can spend hours in the garden. Three, four, five hours after I start I'm still not hungry or tired or bored. My dream of a perfect life would be in a little house on a lot of land with just enough money to buy plants every now and then.
I spent Easter weekend in the yard weeding, pruning and transplanting. It was a gift to myself after the long winter and weeks of activity limited by my troublesome back. It was wonderful.
I promised myself that today, since it is raining steadily, I would clean up my desk. It is now 5:39pm and I have yet to start.

I have found the web enticing, the rain enchanting, a nap irresistable. What I haven't found is the motivation to pick up a single thing on my desk and put it away.
Ever the analyst, I even spent time trying to figure out why I procrastinate so.
Q-Why don't you clean your desk?
A-It just isn't fun. And I don't know what to do first.
Q-Fine. Weeding the garden isn't "fun" and in the garden you just do some thing which leads to another thing. Why do you like doing that?
A-It gives me a sense of order and accomplishment. As I complete one task I admire the result and get ideas for other plantings I'd enjoy seeing.
Q-OK. You like the orderliness and the ability to do other things with the space. Can you apply that to your indoor work space?
A-What, weed my desk? Well, it would be nice to have useable space to begin new projects. And to be able to find show applications or info about dyeing that I have printed out.
Q-Great! Why don't you just try a little desk weeding? See if it feels good to have order and opportunity inside as well as outside?
A- (long pause) Well, ok. I guess I could try that.
Will Glenda actually clean her desk? Will she be thrilled with being able to find whatever she is looking for? Will an organized work space lead to more productive time to build her business? Tune in next week as we follow her on this harrowing journey!

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