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Wedding Trends 2013: COLOR

Wedding Trends 2013: COLOR
We are getting closer and closer to a new year (and a new wedding season)! What colors are on the horizon? I've got my own ideas based on where the trends seem to pointing, but first I want to share what Pantone and the fashion industry are predicting:

Wedding Trends 2013: COLOR

Pantone is listing a whopping TEN colors to be on trend for the Spring of 2013. It must be noted that at the time of this posting, the singular, Pantone 2013 "Color of the Year" has not been announced yet.

I've already published an end of the year wedding color inspiration post that includes some of the inspiration boards I've created during the most recent wedding season and it is, in my opinion, the best "road map" to use to gauge what real brides out there are asking for. These trends almost always carry over into the next season, with a few exceptions here and there.
Based on what I've been seeing, for 2013 weddings I agree with:
  • Monaco Blue (Navy)
  • Nectarine (Coral)
  • Linen (Khaki)
  • Emerald (Green)
  • Grayed Jade (Mint)
  • Lemon Zest (Yellow)
The jury is still out for me on Poppy Red, Dusk Blue, African Violet and Tender Shoots. The green and red in particular are pretty bold and I'm not sure these are a strong enough selection to be a part of an overall color trend. I HAVE seen the blood red Vera Wang gowns, but I am still not sold. We'll see though and I'll be happy to do another post if I'm proven wrong.
Finally, based on the colors that I AM going with for 2013, the below chart shows how these Textile/Cotton (Pantone TCX) colors translate to Pantone solid ink swatches. I used the Color System Cross Reference tool that I blogged about last year in order to determine these values.
Wedding Trends 2013: COLOR

An honorable mention must also be made for the new Ombre color trend...  Let's see how this season unfolds! Take care everyone and I'll be back on Friday.

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