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Wedding Love Notes

I have a box in my closet that holds all the love notes I've ever received during my 30 years on this planet. I have the note from my second grade classmate, Ben DeMoss, who wrote that he liked me and wanted to know if I liked him back--circle yes or no. I wrote in a maybe option and sent it back; he replied saying I could use his markers anytime I wanted. I don't remember what happened next but I still have that note and it's still hilarious.  I also have the note from my very best guy friend asking me to senior prom because he liked me as more then just a friend.... and luckily so did I. We went and had the best time.

Wedding Love Notes

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I've kept all the love notes from every boyfriend and not so-quite-boyfriend has ever sent me and sometimes on quiet days I find myself rummaging through that box and remembering who I was when I got them. Sometimes it's embarrassing but often it's just funny and it brings back wonderful memories. Despite my love for the written note me and my fiance are guilty of sharing most of our mushy word moments through text or email. It's a shame, a damn shame and I've vowed to leave more love notes of the handwritten sort. 
We here at CT-Designs really really like love notes, you might we say love them and we especially like the idea of sending love notes on your wedding day. Couples with the help of friends can pass along handmade notes as they are getting ready for their I dos. This is a such a sweet and personal way to stay connected as you lead up to that very special moment.

Wedding Love Notes

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Here's my challenge to you this week. Write a lovely love note on some beautiful paper to someone special.  Here's a little inspiration to get you going-- Love Quotes.
Have a great week everyone!

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