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Wedding Day Make-Up: Tips and Techniques to Look Your Best

By Weddingblog2011

If you’ve decided not to have your make-up professionally done on your wedding day, you might be wondering whether you should do something different or apply your make-up the way you always do. Here are some great wedding day make-up tips and techniques that will help you look fantastic for your big day.

Outdoor Wedding vs. Indoor Wedding

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you’re going to want to apply your make-up with a lighter hand. Outdoor weddings typically mean you don’t need eyeliner, and that you should go with a sheer foundation to prevent your make-up from looking “caked on.” Don’t forget to apply sunscreen under your make-up and to use plenty of moisturizer before applying make-up to prevent makeup from settling in fine lines.

Wedding Make-Up

Wedding Day Make-Up

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Playing Up One Feature

It’s important to know how much make-up is too much. To prevent over applying, use the one feature rule. Play up one of your facial features and use minimal make-up everywhere else. For instance, if you plan to wear a bright red lipstick on your wedding day, use light eye make-up and little blush. If you want your eyes to stand out, use brighter colors there, along with eye liner and mascara, and then use a simple gloss on your lips. This is a very elegant way to apply make-up and to prevent over-application.

Wedding Make-Up: Playing Up Your Eyes

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Long Lasting Make-Up

You’ll want to choose make-up that is designed for long periods of time. For instance, waterproof mascara is a must, especially since most brides tear up on their wedding day. You’ll want to choose long-lasting lipstick and be sure to bring your make-up along to do touch-ups throughout the day. You can use a simple clutch bag to hold the essentials, or make sure your maid of honor has a supply bag hidden somewhere nearby.

Long Lasting Wedding Day Make-up

Natural Light Provides the Most Natural Look

Finally, it’s important to remember that natural light will help you get the most natural look with your make-up. Apply it in a well-lit area full of natural light, such as in front of the windows or even outdoors.

Natural Wedding Make-Up

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You naturally want to look your best on your wedding day, and following these important tips will allow you to do just that.

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