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Weaves Shared Tracks That Inspired Their Debut Album

Posted on the 22 June 2016 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

Weaves Shared Tracks That Inspired Their Debut Album

Weaves just released their electrifying self-titled debut via Kanine Records, and we at The Wild Honey Pie can’t seem to turn it off! Lucky for us (and you!) the band has shared a playlist of tracks that inspire and influence them, providing us with even more minutes of sweet music to jam to when we’re not nodding along to their fabulously weird and unconventional melodies.

Mary Margaret O’Hara – “When You Know Why You’re Happy”

The first time Jasmyn and I worked together on music, I showed her this clip. I thought the way Jas sang reminded me of Mary Margaret O’Hara. Super expressive and emotional and free.

Led Zeppelin – “No Quarter”

I think of Weaves as a Zeppelin on mushrooms kind of thing. We have the same lineup (3 piece plus vocalist), we like to improvise and fuck around and take it way outside the box and then somehow come back together again. We also have a distinctive vocalist influenced by the blues. Basically, I want Weaves to be as much like Zeppelin as possible, but I think Jasmyn has a little more taste than me. I’m more like a teen boy who wants to rock out and hear big drum fills and get proggy.

Ween – “Flies On My Dick”

Ween is a huge influence of mine guitar-wise. The super direct guitar sound — just a guitar plugged straight in and distorting from the board — makes it sound like the guitar is buzzing right in your ear, with no air in between.  I have been on an anti reverb kick for a while. I feel like reverb makes it seem like you’re hiding something. So I’ve been trying to do things super dry. I call it dry-fi.  That was a big thing we aimed for, especially on a tune like “Tick.”

PJ Harvey – “Dry”

Speaking of dry, this is one of the ultimate kiss off tracks. “You leave me dry.” PJ Harvey is untouchable. Both this and Pixies’ Surfer Rosa were recorded by Steve Albini, and we’re always trying to get that sound. (Especially on tracks like “Two Oceans”) It’s so heavy and natural. Just that band playing in a room, in your face snare sound. Also, PJ Harvey is an amazing guitar player, always so textured and interesting. I play with a slide because of her.

Pixies – “Bone Machine”

Love the reverse drum beat. Always wondered if they got the idea for the beat from “Just What I Needed” by The Cars, when the drums get wonky before the second chorus. To me, this is the sound of the 90s, before the 90s. This guitar sound and psychotic vocals are so much fun. Yep yep yep yep!

Blur – “You’re So Great”

Graham Coxon is one of my favorite guitar players, and this song is beautiful.

Bjork – “Joga”

You can’t make music (or art in general) and not be influenced by Björk. We played Iceland airwaves and listened to Homogenic in the rental car as we drove around looking at geysers and waterfalls. Another completely singular voice.

The Hives – “Diabolic Scheme”

Love The Hives, this song is bonkers. I guess a tune like “Human” is aiming for that Scandinavian-style economy of parts.

Prince – “When You Were Mine”

Another key dry-fi record, Dirty Mind was mostly demo recordings. Who needs a guitar amp? Just plug it right into your computer and open up garageband. It’s all about how you rake the strings, bay-bay.

Sinead O’Connor – “Troy”

Can you believe this song? Oh man. I don’t think it influenced anything on this album, but holy shit I wish it did. There’s some good live clips of her just doing it with acoustic guitar. Her voice is so powerful, she can make you cry and then scare the shit out of you within 2 seconds. When she sings the stakes are ridiculously high.

The Streets – “Blinded By The Lights”

A Grand Don’t Come For Free is one of the best albums ever. It’s so incredibly honest and mundane and real. It’s like the music version of the UK “The Office” or “Peep Show”. Some of the lyrics on the Weaves record remind me of The Streets. You know, just singing about normal stuff like going out, getting drunk, seeing an ex. It’s almost more brave to talk about normal life than to get all political in your lyrics. Cause then you just look like a bore if it sucks. I guess I ripped the rhythm of this for the guitar part at the end of “Human.”

Rihanna – “Needed Me”

Huge track. HUUUUGEEE. This wasn’t out yet when we were working on the record, but for sure, the second Weaves record will only sound like this. Somehow.

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