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Weaver Aircraft Company (WACO) UPF-7

By Htam
Weaver Aircraft Company (WACO) UPF-7

@ Santa Rosa, CA

September 2018

A Waco on the Wings Over Wine Country airshow flightline.  First flown in 1930, the Waco ‘F’ series of biplanes replaced the earlier ‘O’ series. The ‘F’ series had an smaller and lighter airframe, while still providing accommodation for three people in tandem cockpits. The UPF-7 was adopted by the Civilian Pilot Training Program and continued in production until 1942 by which time over 600 had been built. Being the most produced aircraft by Waco, many can be seen at fly-ins and airshows. The company initially started under the name Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio but changed its name to the Waco Aircraft Company in 1928.  Nikon D7100 w/18-200mm.

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