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We Wear Short Shorts – 7 Tips to Longer, Slimmer, Airbrushed Legs

By Girlratesworld @girlratesworld

It’s time to give new life to those old jeans. Cut them. Then cut them some more. Distress them. Patch them. Make them your own. You wanna know why…

It’s Summertime (in my Will Smith voice)!

But don’t worry about the extra pounds you may have picked up from eating tons of Valentines Day chocolate. This post will give you tips to make your legs look amazing in the perfect pair of shorts this summer.

Let’s go back to the humid summers of the 80s…Or you can skip right to the tips.

Oh, the sweet memories of the 80s


When I think of hot summer days,  I think of short jean shorts,  a tank top,  a pair of shades and the perfect arm piece –  a cherry popsicle. It has to be melting down my elbows to complete the look of course.

I also remember as a kid being obsessed with the nair short shorts commercial. It aired during the summer months it seemed every 45 minutes. But I didn’t mind. Long-legged ladies dancing with short shorts and singing “we wear short shorts…” Those lyrics would stick in my head for hours on end.

It was liberating.

We Wear Short Shorts – 7 Tips to Longer, Slimmer, Airbrushed Legs

I loved the 80s Nair Commercial. It always gave me the urge to throw on some short shorts, a pair of pumps and take to the streets in song and dance. Hey! While we are here. Which of these 2 looks you like best? Is there anything you’d change? My fav is the oversized tee, patched shorts and ankle boots.

Here are 7 tips for wearing shorts

  • If you’re on the shorter side like me (5’3 and proud), pair your shorts with tall wedges to make your legs look longer.
  • The shorter the short…the longer the boot. Or is it the shorter the boot, the shorter the shorts. Honestly, I like ankle-high boots in the summer (gives more length to legs). But mid-calf boots will work fine, too. Checkout Steve Madden Troopa in black and brown.
  • As those wise ladies from the Nair commercial warned, don’t forget your Nair and these 7 shaving tips. Ultra smooth, moisturized legs rock in short shorts!
  • Checkout Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs for more even tone legs or to add a sun-kissed glow.
  • Want to slim your thighs and make legs appear longer? Go with wide leg shorts.
  • Be nautical. Try high-waisted, wide leg shorts that will slim and cinch in your waist.
  • Can’t find shorts you like on sale? Go to Walmart. Find a pair of cheap jean shorts (or jeans) and let your creative side go free.

Keepin’ it short & sassy!

Button fly. Zippered. Laced. Experiment with tie-dye, stripes, polka dots, florals and there’s more. You can never go wrong with any of these combos:

  • short shorts and tank top
  • short shorts and tights
  • short shorts and boots
  • short shorts with printed leggings
  • short shorts and knee high socks

What memories do you have of summer time? Do you own a pair of summer boots? I wanna know your thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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