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We Shouldn't Even Have to Say This

Posted on the 25 June 2014 by Morage @kebmebms

But we do have to say it.  Unfortunately, we have to shove it down the throats of far too many people in business and WAY too many people in the political Right Wing and the Republican and Tea political parties:
Business needs a healthy middle class
I mean, first, it's just good business sense. It should be common sense--not that that's common, mind you, as was said centuries ago.
It should also be just common decency. Why should people have to fight, for pity's sake, for a living wage?
If one is working 40 hours per week at their job, why shouldn't that be enough to have food, clothing, shelter, health care and transportation, as it used to be?
Didn't Henry Ford himself show the way, that that was the good thing even for himself, let alone his employees?
Heck, yes he did, famously so.
So finally, here's the one last, big reason we shouldn't have to ask this question and shouldn't have to have this debate.
Does Christianity and Christ's teachings mean nothing to a nation that is supposed to be "Christian"?
How "Christian" is it, exactly, to pay another person less that a true, "living wage"?  Especially when the difference of the obscenely low wage being paid---minimum at $7.25/hour--and a true, living wage--whether $10.10/hr or $15 or whatever--is going straight, in profits, into the owner's pocket.
How obscene is that?  Morally obscene.
The answer is that it is grossly so.
I worked for a man like that, for 15 years.
He thought himself quite the Christian, too.
He also said, paraphrasing here, that nothing is a lie if the person you're telling it to believes it or you're not caught.
True.  He said that.  Aloud.
And on Sunday, you could see him in church, scurrying about, dressed up in his tie, with his wife--who also thought herself right up there next to Jeezus.
That is precisely how these people are, in business, who don't pay a living wage.  Like Walmart.  And all the others. Grossly immoral, taking home all the money they can get their hands on, then thinking themselves fair and, in fact, Christian and moral.
If only I believed in Hell.

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