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We’re Having a Baby….

By Monetm1218 @monetmoutrie


Girl! Ryan and I could not be more thrilled to announce that we’ll be welcoming a daughter into the world come June. So many of you were correct in your guesses!

I went into our ultrasound on Wednesday fully expecting to leave with”team blue.” I wanted a girl, but since Ryan has three brothers, I thought the odds heavily favored the male gender. So even though I secretly hoped and prayed for a baby Lucy, I thought we were having a boy. As many of you know, my oldest sister died in a car accident two years ago. Her birthday is at the end of June, and if everything goes as planned, so is our baby’s. The thought of welcoming another little girl into the world was healing, but in order to prepare…I planted myself firmly in the boy-camp, just to prevent disappointment.


So as you might imagine, when the ultrasound technician had finally finished oohing and aahing over our baby’s “textbook perfect” measurements and organs and announced, “You’re having a little girl,” I burst into very happy tears. Telling my family was almost as emotional.

Lucille Amelia Moutrie-Kulp, we couldn’t be more excited about your arrival. Stay tuned for a post later in this week that explains the significance of her name…I’ll have some very old and beautiful photographs to share!

Until then…watch my precious niece learn that she’ll no longer be the only girl in our family. Her reaction is priceless.





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