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We Honor The Oscars On Tuesday

By Theomnipotentq @TheMightyQuinn
We Honor The Oscars On TuesdayTrivia will be happening this Tuesday night, February 19th at 8:30 PM, with "Academy Awards Trivia" as the Special Category, in honor of the Oscars that will be happening this coming Sunday night. It will be seven questions concerning those people and films that have won Hollywood's highest honor. The Q Train lightning round will be "Oscar Nominations Trivia." I will give you the names of ten current actors and actresses, and you have to tell me if they have more or less than five Oscar acting nominations in their storied careers.
The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
"In the comic strip 'Peanuts', which character traveled in his own personal dust storm?"
I look forward to seeing many of you for a great night of Trivia as we honor the Oscars this coming Tuesday night!

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