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We Got Tha Beat! Beats + Bohos in Ballard

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

We Got Tha Beat! Beats + Bohos in BallardI've mentioned that I LOVE Ballard, right? Ballard is a funky/awesome/kick-ass district in Seattle that has a Swedish/Nordic history and is rich with creative culture. Well, I'm starting to suspect that they have one of the best vintage shopping districts too. 
One recently discovered treasure is a newly opened shop on 15th Avenue NW in Ballard, Beats & Bohos. Described on Yelp as "half record store and  half vintage boutique," Beats has a heart stopping collection of GREAT vinyl records and MIND-BLOWING, wearable vintage women's clothing. And accessories. And house wares. And jewelry. It's kind of mind boggling how the owners crammed so much good stuff in such a small space. 
Nestled inside an old Craftsman bungalow, you'll find Beats & Bohos, the boutique upstairs, in a quirky and charming attic. Packed full with an old school vinyl record collection, AND ah-hamazing vintage- you could get lost for hours, caught up between the slanted sunlight streaming in from the small South-facing windows, the tunes spinning over the speakers, and the tightly packed racks of neo-boho, mad mod, and bubble gum '80's vintage women's clothing, handbags, coats, boots and more.  Dot. Dot. Dot. This girl speaks from experience- I literally got lost for hours inside this tiny gem of a shop. 
Precious too, is the fact that Beats and Bohos is a warm + inviting place. No aloof, disdainful hipster clerk chicken-clucking over your record picks, but instead a laid back and friendly greeting from one of the owners. All are welcome here, and everybody can probably find something to love at Beats & Bohos.

We Got Tha Beat! Beats + Bohos in Ballard

Say "Rosebud" at checkout and get 10% off your Beats + Bohos purchase

Beats & Bohos is owned and operated by Omaima and BJay Tibbs. 
While the shop has been open for less than 3 months, they've been selling records and vintage clothing at other various venues for a few years now. Omaima and BJay say they're treasure hunters at heart, and love to share their finds with friends.  They both feel strongly about the link between music + fashion, and wanted to create a space that made room for all of it. With events in the pipeline that merge vintage with music + culture, Beats & Bohos wants to be the place where you get great vintage and spin the best tunes. 
We Got Tha Beat! Beats + Bohos in Ballard

We Got Tha Beat! Beats + Bohos in Ballard

Stripes + Bohos: Co-owner Omaima gets in a stripe sandwich with happy customers (Photo courtesy of Beats + Bohos)

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be selling my CITIZEN vintage inside this incredible shop. Look for my fresh picks mingling on the Beats & Boho racks. You'll find choice  frocks + follies to bloom madly in. The prices are low, the spirits are high. 
Can ya dig?
Be sure to say ROSEBUD at the check-out (in the store as well as the online shop) to get 10% off your purchase.
Beats & Bohos
7052 15th Avenue NW

Seattle,   Washington
Phone:   (206) 395-4468
Online: Facebook/Beats-And-Bohos
W, Thurs, Sat: 11 am-7pm
   Friday: 1-8 pm
   Sundays 12-5 pm

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