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We Cleared Our Clutter and It Changed Our Lives

By Clairejustalittleless
We Cleared Our Clutter and it Changed Our LivesAlmost 5 years ago I read about minimalism in a weekend magazine and remember how the idea of living with less possessions really appealed to me. At the time I felt trapped by the life I'd created. The full-time salary. The big family home in an ideal location. The lifestyle of someone 'successful' which was just a flimsy veil masking my exhaustion. What I craved more than anything else was time. Time for myself, time for my family and time to just be. 

My life changed as a result of that article. Decluttering enabled me to see that living in a smaller home and on a lower income was a viable option. I realised it was my only option if I wanted more freedom in my life. There were moments when I doubted my decision and felt that my back tracking was a sign of failure. I'm glad I made that decision and listened to my heart and not my head. Now, I don't feel like I'm failing and I don't miss any of the things I've given up. In fact, I flourish more and more each day living with just a little less. 

My story is in Woman's Weekly this week. It was interesting to be interviewed by journalist Kate Corr and very flattering to be asked. I think the article makes some good points about the benefits of decluttering. Another woman tells her story of how decluttering improved the quality of her life when her husband became seriously ill. She talks about how physically and emotionally draining it can be to declutter. Isn't it interesting that once you declutter those difficult areas of your life you become the opposite? Physically and emotionally stronger as a result. I'd never really made that simple connection before.

Thank you to Woman's Weekly for interviewing me. If you get chance to read the article I hope you enjoy it.

We Cleared Our Clutter and it Changed Our Lives

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