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Posted on the 27 November 2011 by Gerard @presurfer
Are you using the Windows 64-bit version and the latest Firefox browser? The Firefox browser only supports the 32-bit version for Windows. Now there is Waterfox, basically a 64-bit version of Firefox. The user experience is the same so Firefox users won't feel any difference.
Waterfox uses the same profile that Firefox does. Before running Waterfox, download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) otherwise it will throw you an ugly error. If you use Flash, Java and Silverlight plugins, you need to install the 64bit versions of those plugins after you install Waterfox. If you don't like Waterfox and want to uninstall it, make sure you don't have the remove personal data box ticked!The Presurfer

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