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Watching the VH1 VMAs with Friends

Posted on the 31 August 2016 by Cheekymeeky

I have never actually been into watching TV as a group. Movies, yes, but not TV. But watching the Suits premiere last month as a group was so much fun that I thought watching the VMAs would also be a blast.

Turns out it was a quieter than I expected.

There wasn't a lot of crowd. So we didn't really have that exuberant spirit of watching in a large, excited group. However, it was nice catching up with friends in a leisurely manner and commenting and laughing over all the goings-on on the TV.

The highlights of the VMAs

I was watching the show all pumped for Beyonce's performance who is a favorite of mine. However the highlight of the show (in my opinion) was Britney Spears' performance. She sang a new to me song - Make Me with some unknown rapper, and boy was she awesome!

Here's a video of her performance:

And then there was the whole Rihanna-Drake moment, which was fun to watch, but her performances on stage were electrifying. She performed multiple times, and was tireless throughout. Here's a video of her performance:

The lows

It was the VMAs, so there were no lows as such. Of course, there were some things that were over-hyped, and didn't quite live up to my expectations.

One of them was Kanye's supposed five-minutes of free speech time, which everyone expected would involve some barbs targeted at Taylor Swift (they have a long and bitter history, which always surfaces at the VMAs).

Unfortunately, he decided to be diplomatic and just gave a generic cliche-ridden speech. It ranged from Kanye West comparing himself to Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. Then he poked some mild fun about the time he grabbed Taylor Swift's microphone in 2009 and hinted, once again, that Swift knew about the line "that b*tch" in his song, Famous. He then premiered his new music video for Fade.

All things considered his speech was just about all-right. Call me a snob, but I have a thing for proper speech, and this random unrehearsed speech just didn't cut it for me.

Another downer was Beyonce's performance. I think it was just me because it looked fabulous, but I haven't heard the songs from this album, and I didn't get the gist of what Lemonade was all about. I read later that this was the standout performance of the show, so yeah, I guess it was just me. Probably by the time the performance came, I was too sloshed to pay that much attention 😉 .

Which brings me to the food and drinks

We watched the VMAs at the Xtreme Sports Bar in Indra Nagar. The place was quiet and the service was good.

Our choice of drinks was beer, but we were surprised to learn that they did not serve beer that day. What was that all about? Anyway, we ordered mojitos which were excellent.

We stayed on the safe side ordering the food, ordering only what we expected would be good - potato wedges, chicken bruschetta, and spring rolls.

Watching the VH1 VMAs with friends
Watching the VH1 VMAs with friends

The bruschetta was disappointing according to the non-vegetarians at the table, but I was a happy camper with the excellent wedges and spring rolls. I also loved their prices. It was a total of 1500/- bucks for two mojitos and a mocktail, two plates of generous helpings of potato wedges, and a plate each of spring rolls, and bruschetta.

Play it safe while ordering, don't expect too much when it comes to decor, and this is a decent place to hang out with friends.

Overall, we had a fantastic time catching up with each other over the VMA awards.

Did you watch the VMA awards? What were the best parts for you? The most boring parts?

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