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Watching The Star Wars Trilogy - For the First Time in My Life

Posted on the 06 June 2013 by Limette @Limette9
Watching The Star Wars Trilogy - For the First Time in My Life
Yes, it's me. The only person who hadn't seen Star Wars... until a few days ago! I have had the trilogy in the back of my head for years, but simply couldn't get over my idea of sci-fi not being "my piece of cake". In fact, I had been very fascinated by Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey and Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth, so I don't know why the hell I couldn't accept that sci-fi was indeed one of the thickest layers in my piece of cake. But prejudice isn't easy to overcome, and I had to wait for the right kind of Doctor to arrive until I finally got it.
As for Star Wars, there's still a lot of other things to have prejudice about than just the genre. For example, prejudice against its ability to sustain suspense. I did know a lot of its content (light sabers, Storm Troopers - which I almost connect more to HIMYM than to Star Wars, the soundtrack, all the characters) and I had seen parts of the movies. Parts that I hated. Because I saw them randomly, out of order and in my most girlish phase of teenage. Despite this, and mainly due to my love for Doctor Who and a generally growing maturity, I made the decision to watch Star Wars early this year and now my mission is finally completed, for I have seen The Trilogy and thus am now officially human. Now, a lot of things have been said about Star Wars so far. I mean, there's far too much fan art for sane beings out there (one of the most awesome tumblr tags I've explored so far) and as I heard on a podcast a while ago, there's a Star Wars version of literally everything - which I agree with. I still think I have something to say about it though, because there's one big advantage I have that many other people don't have: I just saw it for the first time. So here are my thoughts on Star Wars...

Watching The Star Wars Trilogy - For the First Time in My Life

Just the right amount of romance to keep it interesting

THE STORYNot very original: good vs. evil. Even the fight inside Luke wasn't really anything. But then again, I like good vs. evil however unoriginal it may be. After all, it's what all stories are about in one way or another, and Star Wars - like many other franchises - shows it in a very escapist black-and-white sort of way, which is ok because there's a lot of other original stuff going on. In that way, it reminds me a lot of the Lord of the Rings trilogy - unoriginal story at its core, but awesome because of the details and the execution.

Watching The Star Wars Trilogy - For the First Time in My Life

Star Wars actually is a lot of fun!

THE CHARACTERSLuke Skywalker - Obviously gay and delivering some unforgettable, unintentionally funny moments. Actually every moment he's in. He even seems to be flirting with R2-D2.Princess Leia - A surprisingly strong female character. I'm trying to find the cracks in her strong-female-shell but can't think of any. Except maybe her long hair.Han Solo - The dash of chili in the otherwise more or less gay a-sexual universe of Star Wars, and the person with the coolest one-liners.Yoda - Reminded me of my German teacher. Very mad and very funny. I'm not sure what to think of Nik calling me a blogging Yoda... although that was a while ago.Darth Vader - Again, not as impressing as he was probably meant to be. But then again, a hundred times cooler than his son *spoiler*.Obi-wan Kenobi - The grandfather from Little Lord Fauntleroy! Sorry, but that was my first thought when I saw him. Gotta love The Earl of Dorincourt Alec Guiness.R2-D2 - Very cute. Suprising how much character an android can have although there's another one that steals the show from everyone (except maybe Han)...C-3PO - Possibly my favorite character from the whole trilogy. He even was the most human of all! And I loved his oh-so British politeness. 
THE SOUNDTRACKAdmittedly quite ingenious. There's a reason why everyone knows it; it's so damn catching and rememberable. We were singing along to it all the time. I wish I'd heard it right at the beginning of it all though, when it was still fresh and unused - in the 70s I mean. Wonder how that would have been like.
THE EFFECTSI have no idea how Kubrick created his effects for 2001, but if anything else isn't, this is the proof that he was a genius. Sadly, this lessened the power of the effects in Star Wars for me, at least in the first movie. Researching on how they created the effects though, I did grow fond of Lucas' inventiveness - and honestly, they do look good for the 70s/ 80s. The new Death Star in particular stood out for me. 

Watching The Star Wars Trilogy - For the First Time in My Life

Han Solo in action

THE COSTUMESI could have written an entire Fabulous Filmic Fashion post on them, but I figured that they were too overexposed already. Most characters only had one or two different outfits which fit their personality very well, although I found the change of Luke's "colour" from white to black a bit too in-your-face. That futuristic bikini Princess Leia wore in Return of the Jedi most certainly would have caused a debate these days, I personally didn't find it all too concerning. Carrie Fisher does have a great body, so why not show it off? But my highlight in costumes were the various aliens, brought to live in true Doctor-Who manner with real costumes and real actors. All of them are so famous as well, and it all started with this one movie... makes you think.
THE FRANCHISE ITSELFIt is mind-baffling to see these movies that have had such a great impact on pop culture. Knowing most of the components and just watching them fit together and create that great bubble of awesomeness that made Star Wars what it is today, is something I should've done ages ago. It's a franchise that doesn't take itself too seriously in the points it shouldn't (which makes it a very funny and entertaining franchise) and one that does take itself seriously when needed (hence the iconic props, characters, lines etc.). I really can't wait to re-watch Star Wars in three years. And three years after that. And three years after that. And I swear: my children are going to watch The Trilogy before they can spell light saber. Because I wish I had.
Watching The Star Wars Trilogy - For the First Time in My Life

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