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Watching Comedy

By Janmcinnis @janmcinnis

Comedy burnout?

Does that really happen? Kind of! When I started out, I think I was performing in a comedy club or sitting in the audience of a comedy show just about every night for the first 2 years. And then I quit my job and kept on a steady stream of comedy-watching for many years while I was on the road. Then I moved to Los Angeles, and you guessed it, watched more comedy, though now they were in more 5 minute sound bites.

United Way Fundraiser Comedy

Baby Boomer Comedy Show provides the clean laughs

So when I was offered some

tickets to a comedy show benefit recently, I almost didn’t take them. I haven’t sat through a lot of comedy in the past few years since I mostly perform at either a conference in which I’m the only comedian in the program or with my partner Kent in the Baby Boomer Comedy Show.

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