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Watch What Ted Cruz Did When He Sees a Woman Fall Down

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

If someone standing near you falls down, what would you do?

And if you’re a man and that someone who fell is a woman, what would you do?

Now, if you’re Ted Cruz, and it’s your VP runningmate Carly Fiorina who fell down, what would you do?

Yesterday, after giving Cruz and his family a rousing introduction at a campaign rally in Lafayette, Indiana, Fiorina fell on her ass.

This is what Ted Cruz did:

Yup. Ted Cruz, the devout Christian who will save the U.S. and the Constitution, simply looked at Fiorina on the floor and continued shaking hands. What a guy!

And to think that looney-bin Glenn Beck, and Ted’s pseudo-pious Cuban dad Rafael Cruz (who was seen and photographed with JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswalk in New Orleans in 1963) are screaming at Christians that if we don’t vote for Ted, we’ll be doomed to hell.

Dog eyeroll
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