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Watch the Incredible Video for Running Young’s ‘out of Time’ [premiere]

Posted on the 13 November 2014 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie


Melbourne five-piece Running Young was formed after their lead singer, Joel Famularo, survived open heart surgery at the age of 25 due to a blown aorta. The doctors gave him a 2-3% chance of survival, and when he pulled through he wanted to communicate a message of hope and chose to do so through music.  “I decided what I wanted out of life was to be true to my heart for whatever time I had left and also to see if I could encourage others to do the same. The best way I knew how to both of those things was to start a band!” This inspiring story brings us to today’s US premiere of Running Young’s “Out of Time”.

Taking the concept of being out of time to a different setting, writer and director James Ballard with the help of incredible visual effects by Pete Shand, takes it to the realm of sci-fi — more specifically, an alien invasion. Shot in 16mm film in the beautiful country of Victoria, the video features a young couple on the run from alien invaders. Entirely dependent upon one another due to their injuries, the director and actors masterfully draw us into their story through realistic, warm scenes of their fight to survive. With a red-eyed creature in close pursuit, the couple manages to make it to their destination only to realize they are truly out of time.

For such a moving story behind the band’s formation, the “Out of Time” video does its subject matter justice through gorgeous, poignant images that flawlessly convey the song’s tone of survival in desperation. “And I know the world keeps spinning/And I know I’m out of time/And I know the world keeps spinning/But I’ll take my time with you.” The song has been featured on Showtime series Shameless and is taken from their upcoming debut EP. Watch the US premiere of Running Young’s “Out of Time” above.

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