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Was Hitler Stupid Or A Genius?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


300px Hitlermusso2 edit Was Hitler Stupid Or A Genius?

Mussolini (left) and Hitler sent their armies to North Africa and into Egypt against the British (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Adolph Hitler as we all know was the ” ruler absolute” of Germany from 1934-1945.  He was the former and leader of the Nazi party and under his reign he sparked a war and was responsible for the deaths of over 50 million people but was he stupid or a genius?

Hitler was born and raised in the poorest slums , watching people struggle to survive and under his jewish grandmothers care shown cruelty. Growing up he became convinced that it was her jewishness that caused him to hunger, and made a vow to eradicate that. To make the world better.

Turns out Hitler was a man of his word. As nobody thought to tell him it was poverty not the Jewish religion that caused hunger as an adult he formed a plan.  To take Germany back to a country of pureness he would need to go back to its roots. The Blond haired, blue eyed founders who made the country great. That meant the removal of the Jewish people who ruined it. With their dark hair and dark eyes they were the enemy.

His master race would breed strong, healthy, vibrant TRUE Germans with German blood inside them. Throughout his reign millions and millions of people died at his say so. They were put into concentration camps, starved, shot, gassed, anything that meant they were out of sight and out of mind.

These Jewish people were not people they were vermin, experiments were conducted on them to see if the religion could be taken from them.

Hitler inspired thousands of people to serve him, to carry out his word, his wants. Hitler was not a man of menace. It was never a case of do this, kill these Jews or ill chop your family up, to all intents and purposes he was a bloody clever public speaker. Was able to brainwash and manipulate with words.

He was clear about his intentions, he was honest about his hatred and his desires, but nobody once said ‘ mate its a bit extreme’. Hitlers powers lay in his influence of people, a bit like an evil Paul Kenna, and his uncanny ability to exploit the Germans stupidity. Back when he was banging on about blonde’s being the way forward not one person is known to have said ‘ Here Hitler awkward question but why are you exempt? You have dark hair, so your impure!’but no, they all took his word and acted on it. Hitler was by his own definition everything he physically abhorred in his country and everything he sought to wipe out. But nobody saw it.

Was Hitler a magician?  Was he a hypnotist?  Whatever he was, however he did it he made the Germans look stupid.
It takes one thought to change a mindset, and one mindset to change the world.

Hitler compared to other dictators of our times was quite the piker, he never took part in death, he instructed it.
But the man is also a genius.  He has become one the biggest mass murderer of our time , he changed the world, he changed history, he changed Germany, the Jews and was responsible for over 50 million peoples lives ending purely on his say so.
He did all that without ever once getting his hands dirty. That takes some kind of skill.

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