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Warning! These 1950s Movie Gimmicks Will Shock You

Posted on the 31 July 2013 by Gerard @presurfer
Warning! These 1950s Movie Gimmicks Will Shock You
Welcome to summer movie hell - another blockbuster season filled with costly digital effects that disappoint more often than they surprise. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg recently predicted the collapse of this mega-budget industry, and in its place, they suggested a future of immersive technology, where theaters offer thrills you can't get via Netflix.
In fact, Hollywood tried this more than 50 years ago, when filmmakers pushed the boundaries of the movie-going experience to make it more interactive. The gimmick craze of the 1950s put special effects in your face and under your seat, literally: Some audiences got a whiff of the action in scented screenings, while others were jolted out of their seats by electric buzzers.
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