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WARNING: Stolen Domain Names & Are Being Shopped Around

Posted on the 15 October 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

We have received a report from Andrew Rosener of that at least two domain names, & have been stolen from and are being shopped around for sale.

In a email Andrew wrote:

“I wanted to notify everyone that we have just discovered a domain theft at Network Solutions which I do not believe is an isolated incident.”

“So far it involves two domains, &”

The domains are from different owners and stolen by the same thief.” in particular may have been stolen some time ago and still held by the thief. The details on this one are not as clear yet.

However, we have spoken directly with actual owner and he has confirmed with 100% certainty that the domain is stolen and he is working with Network Solutions to try and recover it.

I’m quite certain that I did not coincidentally find the only two domains which were stolen.

I would be surprised if this is not a more wide spread attack and there are many other domains involved but at this juncture it would be impossible to tell.

The domains were brought to me by another domain investor who could not afford them and I was to buy them and pay him a finder’s fee. Upon performing due diligence it became clear that the domains were suspicious and once I got a hold of the owner of via LinkedIn it was confirmed.

Just a head’s up that there is likely a larger breach at Network Solutions, possibly similar to that of Moniker.””

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