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Warning Signs to Heed Before You Say I Do!

By Themilkaint4free @prospermuch
Picture Ladies, God loves us so much that He always gives us warning signs when the person we are dating or engaged to may not be the one or the timing is off.  I know this can be one of the most terrifying thing for us to face.  You've bought the gown, the invitations are already sent out, and the honeymoon is paid in full.  (But will it be worth it if this isn't the man God has for your life, and the marriage doesn't even last a year?)  You really, really, have to be discerning all the way to the end.  Pay close attention to the signs the man is given off.  Do not ignore things about this prospective mate that doesn't fit well with your spirit.  God is telling you something.  Listen up closely.  So what if you have to postpone the wedding to make sure that this is the time and the one.  It is far better than ending up with a divorce, or experiencing adultery, or having children whose home life is torn apart.  SAVE YOURSELF THE DRAMA.  Let's examine some common signs that clearly states, hit that brake now! 
1.)  You catch him in a lie (maybe it seems to be a what many call a white lie, but a lie is a lie and a person who lies is a liar).  Run to the hills or at least slow things way down, how can you establish a relationship with someone you will not be able to trust.
2)  He is not excited about your achievements or even if he shows some excitement, it seems force and not from his heart.  However, the conversation always turns back to him and his achievement.  Watch out, this guy has narcissistic tendencies and will not be willing or able to celebrate life with you.  He is showing you in a sly way that he wants all the attention and the universe to revolve around him.
3.)  Pay attention to how he handle disagreements with you and others (and if you've never had a disagreement ever with your potential spouse, it's probably too early for you to even consider marriage).  Is he respectful or does he try to make light of your feelings?( i.e.  You are too sensitive, It's no big deal)  Is he a good listener or just trying to defend himself?  This is crucial and critical.  A man who is worthy of your time will have developed the maturity to know the most important thing is the relationship itself, and not being right.  His utmost concern is you and him coming to understanding, unity, and a resolution that satisfying to both of you!  You don't want a jerk who will always put you down for feeling the way you do and being the woman God has made you to be.  You want a King who understands, knows the value of, and appreciates and honors his Queen!
This is a heavy topic  to be continued........Ladies, help your fellow sisters out and leave some of your life tips and warning signs you've experienced!
Wait For God's Best and Never Settle For Less!!!!!!!!

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