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War Horse[2011/2012]

Posted on the 18 January 2012 by Diana @azizaspicks
War Horse[2011/2012]
First thing I said after I saw this movie, and I think I actually tweeted it, was: Steven Spielberg is stuck in the 90s! If he would have released this movie 2 decades ago it would have won every award and it would have made millions. Just think about it: sobbing story, horses, beautiful scenery, war, handsome and brave men, funny one-liners, and of course THE ORCHESTRA (is it safe to say this kind of music was overused? that's what I thought). It reminded me of those types of movies like Braveheart, or Legends of the Fall- am I the only one?
Now, in some ways, War Horse is a good movie- it is made in a visually attractive way, the characters are approachable and you can't go wrong with a story about war or animals, can you? Both in one film? Perfect. It was nicely directed and I loved the sets, but then again, I do have to repet myself, the music killed me- I understand the need of classical pieces and, in some scenes, the orchestra worked, but mister Spielberg, must you use it almost all of the time? The script is cheesy and tries to mix some comedy with drama, but doesn't quite succeed (men running away from a duck?), and so, the actors weren't allowed to shine too much, as everything seemed a little too forced, too dramatic.
I admit it- I was bored, for about a half of the movie- I think it got interesting when Albert went to war, but until then, the only things that got my attention were the brief appereances of Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch (seriously, Britain, do you even have an ugly or not-charming man in your region?). Speaking of men, I thought Jeremy Irvine, beside the fact that he is, indeed, a handsome young man (girly comment), was pretty good and showed a certain spark that can definitely raise up to be a star in a couple of years- the boy has got potential.
I can't really say more, as it didn't really stir up anything in me. I do not like animals, in any shape or form (shocker, I know, I have been told), so the horse part didn't get to me! Some moments were nice and I am sure, heartbreaking for some (Joey stuck in wires, Albert whistling Joey in the "hospital"), but overall I wasn't impressed.
Sorry mister Spielberg, nice try though! Thanks for Cumberbatch, Hiddleston and Irvine!

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