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Wanted: Your Wondrous Weddings!

By Theutterblog @utterlywow

The Utter Blog is evolving!

Let’s face it, the last 18 months have been all about me. My wedding plans, my business development, my favourite things… it’s been a narcissist’s dream. But I’m all gone and married now (nearly 4 months already!) and despite my best intentions I can’t continue to reminisce about my nuptials forever…

...Sigh. Image by Dominique Bader.

…Sigh. Image by Dominique Bader.

Ok so I will continue to reminisce about my nuptials for a while longer. But only sporadically. And only the bits that will (hopefully) inform and inspire other brides-to-be. See? Narcissism or niceness? You decide.

But it’s time to open The Utter Blog doors now to the wider world of wondrous weddings. I’ve featured a couple of stunning weddings in the past, such as this elegant Oxford affair, or this clown-officiated tipi party. And I’ve shared snippets of weddings from across the world wide web that have made me stop in my tracks, slap my thigh in delight and exclaim ‘Wow wow wee-wah!’, like this beaut, and all three of these beauts.

One of the aforementioned beauts.

One of the aforementioned beauts. Image by Renee Bowen.

But now I want more. I want to tell more wedding day stories- from the moment the bride and groom wake up to the last song of the night. I want to see beautiful, bountiful flowers, romantic ceremonies, knock-out dresses, DIY details and ingenious why-didn’t-I-think-of that ideas. But above all I want to see couples so hopelessly in love, they’re practically giddy. I want to see big smiles, belly laughs and moist eyes. And I want to share it all with you lovely lot.

Charlotte & John's Wondrous Wedding. Image by Assassynation.

Charlotte & John’s Wondrous Wedding. Image by Assassynation.

Helen & George's Wondrous Wedding. Image by Soulbird Photography

Helen & George’s Wondrous Wedding. Image by Soulbird Photo

So photographers, brides, planners, florists and guests: if you’ve been part of a wondrous wedding and think it should be featured on The Utter Blog, it’s time to get in touch. I intend to feature one wondrous wedding per week initially, so it needs to be something special. My definition of special may be different to your definition of special I know, but ultimately The Utter Blog is about celebrating love, style and personality… with a dash of bohemian flair.

You can read a bit more on the *brand new* Submit a Wondrous Wedding page up at the top there, but in the meantime I’d be grateful for as many shares, likes, re-tweets and elbow knudges as I can get. Know an awesome photographer? Tell them about The Utter Blog. Planned something special? Share it with The Utter Blog. Just married and want to share your bestest ever day with as many like-minded folk as you can? …You get the picture. (Send it to The Utter Blog.)

I’m ready and waiting and more than a teeny little bit excited.

Sama xxx


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